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☆ Information ☆

 Over 25people,please make a reservation via phone or email.
  e-mail abucha.reservations@gmail.com

 I bring a visit to the visitor who was not able to make a reservation in the one which I can inform of the day heartily.

【Coming to our restaurant by Walk-in】 We have about 40 seats every night for the walking in. The best time for the walk-in will be around after 9 pm. (around 10 - 20 min wait) Our L.O will be 11:30 pm so you'll have plenty of time to spend. Other than that at the opening of 6 pm, there will be customers lining up outside our restaurant. The earliest customers will line up around 5:30-5:40 pm. So, if you can wait on the line and if you come into the first few groups in the queue, I can fit you in at the 6 pm opening. From the opening of 6 pm till around 9 pm, walk in will be around 30 min - 1 hr 30 min wait.

☆ Operation ☆    Operation_manual.pdf Link

- Attention -

The sysytem send of reservation completion email.
Allow no-reply@abucha.jp to receive it.

Please choose the day when you want to make a reservation among a calendar.

 Step 1 number of people you like.(please assume under 5 years old a child.)
 Step 2 time desired.
 Step 3 name, contact information.

A notice of reservation completion email is transmitted.(please appoint the e-mail address by all means.)

☆ precaution ☆

Please click on the "Agree and proceed to reservation screen" button after understanding the following confirmation items.

1.Please show up for your reservation punctually without fail at our restaurant. Your reservation will be cancelled if you are 5 minutes late.
2.Depending on the situation of the restaurant, you might be allocated a smaller table.
.For reservations for 8 persons and more, we will prepare 2 tables or more for you.
4.Once all the reservations are taken up, we will not accept any more requests.
5.Please inform us if you would like to make any changes or cancellations to your reservations.
6.In the event that we are not informed in advance, we will not accept any changes or revisions to the reservations too.
7.From 18:00 to 22:00 hours, all the seats are non-smoking except for the counter seats.
8.During peak hours or seasons, customers might not be allowed to stay in the restaurant for more than 2 hours.

Agree and proceed to reservation screen

2016-2017 winter season reservations
We will start to taking reservations of 2016-2017 winter from 18:00 pm on SEP 1st. Also , We will change the reservation system. We will get the web online system. You can make a reservation by yourself via website. We will note you how to make a reservation soon...

   taking the reservation via e-mail, telehone or visit
     via website


About booking details for Abucha 2 in winter season

ico_flag5a_1.gifChoose your proffered dinner time from below:
18:30, 20:00, 20:30,or 21:00~
*When all seats are taken, the advanced reservations won’t be accepted.
*If your group is more than 20 people, we could accept booking only from 18:00 in order to provide a quality service.
ico_flag5a_1.gif All the direct reservations are accepted at Abucha 2 only.
ico_flag5a_1.gif Please make sure to contact us when cancelation occurs. Also notify us when numbers of guests changed or reservation time otherwise your booking is not secured.
ico_flag5a_1.gifWe could accept on the day reservations only when seats are available.
ico_flag5a_1.gif Non-smoking at all seats from 18:00-22:00 except counter seats.


ico_flag5a_1.gif If you are delay more than 5 minutes after your reservation time, your reservation is considered as no-show and to be cancelled automatically.
ico_flag5a_1.gif Note that 2 hours and 30 min is the dinner duration when the peak season.

Message from the Abucha owner

We are having the 12th season in this coming winter and would like to thank you for all the kind support. Abucha 2 holds 100 seats, koagari (Japanese style dinning space), bar counter and the standing space which suites to various guests for many different occasions. If your group is more than 20 people, kindly note your reservation time is either from 18:00 or 18:30 and preferably choose the menu in advance in order to offer you a better service. We also serve daily specials, birthday cakes and regular cakes designed for special occasion so don’t hesitate to ask your requests at the reservation. We are pleased to offer you the best service and look forward to welcoming you at Abuch 2.

Kind regards,

A-Bu-Cha2(Japanese Kitchen & Bar A-Bu-Cha゛2)

Suiboku BLD.1st floor 191-29 Aza-Yamada
Kutchan-cho, Hokkaodo 044-0081